A bit of everything to start the year

First let me apologise, this is a bit of an everything post. Hang in there!

I think I’m suffering from the after Christmas slump. It’s been difficult to want to do anything but sleep, I think it’s something to do with it still being so freaking cold outside! So what better way is there to perk yourself than cake?!

I took advantage of some of the January sales these past few weeks and picked up some new cook books. ¬†The Works had some very good deals and I couldn’t leave without these two! read more


Did someone say cake?

The 6 cakes I made in the year 2015

The 6 cakes I made in the year 2015

Can someone explain to me how it is 2016 already?

Just as I was getting used to writing 2015 I’m going to have to change! Although it feels like 2015 went by in the blink of an eye, when I look back I’m filled with this warm sense of achievement at what I’ve done.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to let it get to my head, that thing is big enough as it is! I am, however, going to allow my self to feel a little proud of what I’ve done this past year. This year really was the start to my baking journey and I feel that I’ve come quite far, not only with what I have been able to make but also with the way I feel about it. read more


A Jaws-dropping Cake

Jaws-Dropping Cake

When my best friend turned 22 earlier this year I was given the task of creating the cake. Now when I say task, you know I loved it, even if I may not have enjoyed every moment of it!

Porgie’s Mamma emailed me a month or so before the party with her ideas for a nautical themed cake, with a twist! Porgie’s party had a hidden theme lurking in the background, a shark theme. This included inflatable sharks, pin the fin on the shark and a fondant Porgie in a boat surrounded by sharks! Can you think of a better present?! read more


Life’s too short, eat the cake!

I love food. It is as plain and simple as that, but it isn’t.

You see, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, however, this doesn’t mean that what I make is perfect. In fact, usually it can be far from perfect. Sometimes I’ve let my cooking disasters stop me from continuing, but I’ve realised that baking and cooking is a skill that needs constant development. So I have to practice, a lot! My family and colleagues have become my guinea pigs, they have to try everything and they have to be totally honest. I’m not perfect, I can accept that, but I’m not going to get anywhere by giving up, or doing it the same way next time. read more


Minion Madness

Is it just me or are minions everywhere at the moment? Everywhere you look there are these giant yellow tic tacs staring back at you and with the new Minions movie coming out soon it seems that our little yellow friends aren’t going anywhere soon!

So what else can you do then to embrace the latest trend? Don’t get me wrong, I have watched both of the Despicable me films (I’m going to blame my brownies here), so I have a good idea of what I was creating when I took on my first creation. I needed to create something spectacular when celebrating 3 birthdays over one weekend and after spending Christmas in Orlando, I was still living in my fairy-tale. It may seem slightly odd to make a minion cake for a joint 18,22 and 46th birthday but there is a certain magic that exists within a giant edible minion. read more