About Kitchen Antics

I have this great appreciation for food. It’s not just the way it tastes or the ways it’s presented but it’s the love and skill that goes into a food that spurs on my undying love for it!

Food plays a large role within my family life and it isn’t unusually for a conversation to start ‘Do you remember when we visited *insert destination here*?‘ and for the reply to resemble something along the lines of ‘Oh, was that the place where we ate *insert some delicious food here*?‘.

There is something about food that brings people together. I love sitting around a table eating great food and talking to great people. We live in a world of convenience where breakfast is what we can eat as we rush around in the morning and dinner is whatever is easiest after all said rushing around. I love a weekend when I’m let loose in the kitchen with a fridge full of food, some new recipes to try and something sweet in the oven.

Food should be enjoyed rather than rushed. This is probably the reason I remember holidays for their food. Holidays are a chance to relax, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the food you’re eating, whether you’ve made it or someone else has. It is a common occurrence in my household to still be sitting at the table 3 hours after the start of dinner and only just be moving onto dessert!

I get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to create something that, not only looks amazing but tastes it too! I love making food and I love eating it. So join me for both my physical journey as I try different foods wherever i can and my metaphorical journey as I try new things and make a mess in the progress!


Grace x

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