Churros with a chocolate and Toffee sauce – GBBO week 4

The stages of Churros.

After the dreaded dough experiences of last week I have to be honest when I say I was pretty excited when I found out they had added batter week into the mix!

What’s not to love about Yorkshire puddings, pancakes and Churros? I mean, can you get a better line up than that?! My love of batter did make it difficult to decide on what to make. Yorkshire puddings and a Sunday staple in my household, they’re big, beautiful and beastly. Pancakes in pretty patterns, how could I resist? Yet, in the end Churros won, I mean it had to!

I was genuinely shocked when so many of the bakers hadn’t heard of Churros. Those golden doughnutty sticks. Soft on the inside with a crunch on the outside dripping with chocolate. How as bakers could they not know of the Spanish Street food? I have eaten my fair share of these and knew exactly what I wanted in my Churros.

Taking on board what Andrew said about a real Spanish recipe not using eggs, I started to look for a good recipe. I found a recipe on that looked like what I thought a Churros would be made from. (recipe here)

I was dubious when I started I’ll be honest. I read a review that likened the recipe to wallpaper paste, I was worried. I was wrong to be. The recipe can be a little stiff so adding in some more water will help make it a more workable paste. Remember you have to pipe this out. Stiff but not too stiff. I went through 2 piping bags trying to get this stuff out.

I really liked this recipe, so much so that I made long ones for my guys at home and mini Churros bites to take to work with me the next day. I smothered them in some chocolate and Toffee sauce I had left over from a daim cake I’d make that week and oh my were they good. Better fresh out of the oil and coated in sugar but still good the next day. I was favourite at work that day!

If you’re thinking of making these little beauts at home take a word of warning from me and be careful with the oil. That stuff is hot and will burn. Put your Churros onto your slotted spoon and lower into the hot oil. It will splash and it will hurt.

Be careful!

I’m going on a brief GBBO cake break as I’ll be sunning it up in Spain. See you for more baking when I’m back!


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