Pesto Plait – GBBO Week 3 bread

How I recovered from some disastrous dough!

Bread week. I’m going to be honest and this may shock you, with me being a baking fanatic and all, but I don’t actually eat bread. It’s not that I don’t like bread, it’s more that it doesn’t like me.

So you can guess my reluctance when it came to bread week. I favoured the savoury option this week and threw myself head first into a 3 flour, 3 filling plaited show stopper.

Apart from the technical challenge all the bakers in the tent have had time to practice their bakes. You can’t expect them to be able to go into that tent with all those cameras and create a master piece first time. It’s not going to happen. This is something I neglected to think about when it came to my baking. I attempted to make a spelt and pesto, rye and sundried tomato and a wholemeal olive monster plait, with no practice and a few bits of recipes here and there. As you can imagine this did not go to plan.

I mean, it was over cooked on the outside, undercooked on the inside and super ugly. Paul Hollywood would laugh me out of the tent.

I was defeated, I’m not going to lie. Why am I not amazing enough to create masterpieces with little planning and no practice? What do you mean practice? It’s far too hot for this. I have a bad habit of putting things off once I’ve got them wrong. I can’t do it now, maybe later. But later becomes never and it’s something I forget to think about agin. Not this time.

I followed a recipe I found on The Kitchn. Recipe here. I substituted the bread flour for spelt and adjusted the rising times slightly, due to my own time restriction. My second loaf took a little longer than the time given but they are pretty big loaves.

The best part about this bread, however, is the pesto! I could (and maybe did) eat that stuff by the spoonful. Now I’m not talking stuff from the shops. No no no. We are bakers and chefs my lovelies, there is no where near enough mess made when scooping out of a jar. I work well with mess. I feel like I’m doing something when it’s messy!

You’ll need basil, parmesan and pine nuts. Now pine nuts are expensive, I mean super expensive, I’m gonna have to buy my ingredients from lidl or aldi next time! I chucked a packet of basil, 2 handfuls I’d say, 3/4 of an average sized parmesan and more pine nuts than I could afford in the blender. Whizzed then together and then began to pour in the garlic oil. I’ve got a thing about garlic oil. It’s so good.  Whizz again until you get quite a thick paste, remember to season. Taste it throughout and add more of what you thinks missing, when you’ve got the right mix you’ll know.

I might go have a spoonful now! I’ll see you next time for churros!!!



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