Viennese Whirls – GBBO week 2

Strawberry, Cherry, Chocolate and Cherry and Chocolate Orange Viennese Whirls

I remember Viennese whirls from when I was younger, now I’m not old, but these little beauties were always something my nan would produce when we attempted to raid her cupboards.

I was a bit nervous when my mum readily requested these little crumbling swirls after watching Bake off last week. I mean they don’t look easy do they? That swirl, the crumbly texture and uniformity. How was I going to recreate these?!

In reality they weren’t all that difficult. Word of advice before starting these though, make sure you set the oven to the right temperature. I’d never survive in that bake off tent. All the bunting and pretty coloured kitchen aids would go to my head and I’d forget to turn the oven on… Poor Mary Berry, I’d be feeding her raw cookie dough.

I followed Mary Berry’s recipe available on the bbc website and although I may not have made the jam (my raspberries didn’t make it to the jam) I followed MoBo’s recipe and made some pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) Viennese Whirls.

I couldn’t stop at just strawberry jam Viennese whirls though. Tesco magazine had an amazing idea of Black Forest Viennese whirls. My other half absolutely adores Black Forest gateaux, there is a whole story about a teaspoon for another day, so I just had to make a version of these for him. Now the version Tesco created are lovingly dipped in chocolate and sandwiched with buttercream and cherry jam. Mine were lovingly drizzled with chocolate that was far too hot for me to hold.

Along with some more of my orange curd I was happy to create an array of Viennese whirls with a buttery crumbly texture that almost melts in the mouth. These didn’t last the day in my office.

Bring on bread week!

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