Minion Madness

Is it just me or are minions everywhere at the moment? Everywhere you look there are these giant yellow tic tacs staring back at you and with the new Minions movie coming out soon it seems that our little yellow friends aren’t going anywhere soon!

So what else can you do then to embrace the latest trend? Don’t get me wrong, I have watched both of the Despicable me films (I’m going to blame my brownies here), so I have a good idea of what I was creating when I took on my first creation. I needed to create something spectacular when celebrating 3 birthdays over one weekend and after spending Christmas in Orlando, I was still living in my fairy-tale. It may seem slightly odd to make a minion cake for a joint 18,22 and 46th birthday but there is a certain magic that exists within a giant edible minion.

Giant Minion Cake

This thing was a mission and the biggest task I had taken on to date! Although, whilst making it my mother would argue it didn’t seem as if I was enjoying myself, seeing the end product made all the hard work worth it. I started the baking process for this monster on the Sunday, creating 4 flat chocolate brownie layers and one in my amazing spherical tin from Lakeland plastics. After crumb coating my tower of cake and leaving to set over night I begun on the fondant covering process. This was not the part I enjoyed! After researching for hours through pinterest, mostly focused on the task at hand I discovered it was better to cover the top of the minions head to the goggle strap line with yellow fondant and then wrap the rest of the fondant around the body. This was no easy feat and the wrapping process was more difficult than I had originally anticipated.

Thursday evening was by far my favourite in my creation process. This was the night I could put it all together and in true Dr Frankenstein fashion I was able to see my creation coming alive!! It’s amazing what you can do with some cake and a mound of fondant. Thursday was all about assembling the pieces, putting everything together in the right place to create the desired effect. I have to admit, I loved every second of this part. Finally the picture in my head looked like what I had in front of me, that’s a great feeling isn’t it?

Building a minion

My minion hadn’t been kept a secret so I wanted to add a little something to it that some what announced its arrival to the party. I decided the best way to do this was to have my minion exploding from the cake board. Creating this effect was a lot easier than I had first assumed and all of my toppings bottles come into good use when waiting for the fondant triangles to dry!

Ready to party minon

I had a minor panic when in the process of transporting this baby, which also weighed the same as a small child coincidently, 2 hours in the car for our weekend away but it was all worth it in the end.

Off your face!

Who wouldn’t want a giant chocolate minion with chocolate buttercream, salted caramel sauce and more icing than a small bakery!

G x


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